5 Ways to Release Your Inner Child This Christmas

This Christmas, do as your children do!

Ahhh, Christmas. The time of year we get the closest to living fully and joyfully. The time of year we let go of the burden of the “realities” of must do’s and to-do lists. The time to release your inner child!

We proudly wear matching Christmas PJs with our kids. We mischievously put out an elf on the shelf to spark the imagination of our children. We send out photos, celebrating the beautiful joys of family life. We joyfully sing carols about make believe things like reindeer and Santa’s workshop. We decorate with lights having no regard for the time or the fact we will have to take it all back down. We let go of our cherished Netflix time to bake goods to share with our family and friends.

These are the kinds of values to be passing down to our children! To marvel. To wonder. To play! To let go of living a certain way. To let go of being “realistic”. To just live!

This year, allow Christmas to shift your thinking. To release your inner child, revealing to you what is truly important in life. And then carry this way of thinking and being into the New Year!

“Imagine what the world could be like if it was [children’s] free-spiritedness that shaped the values and behaviours that prevail. Then, perhaps, we wouldn’t judge people by the car they drive, the house they own or the suburb they live in. We might not draw conclusions about others based on their race, ethnicity or religion.”                                                                                                  – SMH


Here are 5 ways to release your inner child this holiday season!

1. Believe in Santa Clause

Write him your wish list. Leave him cookies on Christmas Eve. And don’t forget about snacks for his reindeer. Track his sleigh’s journey online. Leave secret gifts for your children (or partner or friend) from “Santa”.

2. Sing from your heart

Think back to your favorite Christmas Carols. Play them in your house when you do your baking or gift wrapping. Or even while you’re in the shower. Teach them to your family. If you’re singing about Rudolph, throw on a movie about Rudolph so your kids can get to know him a bit better!

3. Embrace the Elf

Okay, I know Elf on the Shelf is either a love or a hate kinda thing. But, really, it teaches us to take time out everyday to truly play! To unleash your imagination that we often forget how to use! And if you don’t have kids, how fun would it be to do this for a partner? Or in the workplace? Things could get really interesting…

4. Light it up!

Forget about the realities of having to take down all of the decorations you put up. Forget about the cost of the energy bill. And make your house something out of a movie. A place of wonder! Compete with your neighbors (even if they don’t even know it). Make your house the most Christmas-y house of all! And don’t forget to light candles that smell like Christmas (cinnamon).

5. Christmas Crafting

Make your Christmas cards. And no, not the upload your photos, add text and print, kinda cards. Get out the scissors, glue, glitter and colored paper. Get your kids to help you. Or your friends! Hand write Christmas messages in each card. Write from your heart. No cookie cutter messages allowed! Yes, this may take all day. Enjoy it! Make some hot chocolate. Or egg-nog. And if you don’t end the day with sticky fingers and glitter in your hair, you haven’t done it properly!

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Do you have any fun ideas you can share? How do you celebrate Christmas? How do you release your inner child? For more ideas, have a read of our 10 Mindful Holiday Traditions!

To help you find your inner child, take 15 minutes out of your day to try our Winter Wonderland Guided Visual Meditation on Youtube!

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