Podcast Ep 8 How Meditation can Make you Rich!

Meditation for the Modern Day Superwoman Podcast

This is episode: # 8 “How meditation can make you rich ”
and features: Wealth and Abundance Coach Emily King

In this episode Emily talks to us about abundance! But not in your typical way. Emily talks to us about our mindset and how this plays a big role in how many money we have (or lack of it)! She shares with us some valuable tools to help us shift out of “lack” and into abundance. She shares amazing journalling prompts that will literally kick-start your newfound journey towards wealth! She even gets into the importance meditation and listening to your inner knowing plays when it comes to finding our wealth! Hence the title: Meditation can make you rich!

You need to hear this episode!

The episode ends with a 5 minute mini meditation to help you LET GO, release any stress, and take on your day refreshed with peace and positivity!

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15 minutes is all you need to get started with mindfulness! You will learn how to infuse it into your already busy life. You will begin to let go of your worries and tension and feel more balanced, joyful and confident. 15 minutes. Less stress. More you.


“I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life but I had this knowing inside me that I’m meant to do something big in this world.”

” I really love helping people with their money and their money mind-set so that they can become this abundance, empowered, free woman.”

“I remember I was still working a 9-5. I was living at home with my parents because I still had student debt with no money. And I did this vision board… I just allowed myself to ask... I planted a seed that day.”

“Pay very close attention to all the little tiny, seemingly insignificant things that the Universe is doing for you.”

“When you’re connected internally it’s almost like you become bullet proof to anything external that may happen to you.” 



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From Emily

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