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Podcast Ep 6 Trust the Journey!

Meditation for the Modern Day Superwoman Podcast

This is episode: # 6 “How Meditation Can Help You Trust The Journey”
and features: Personal Empowerment Coach Kirsten Morrison from Brisbane, Australia

In this episode I talk with Kirsten about listening to the signs, trusting your heart and trusting the journey. We are often so worried about our final destination, where we wish we could be, or sometimes we don’t even know where we should be. But Kirsten shows is that that is okay! The process is a beautiful part of it all. We can never really know where we are going to end up and that’s why it’s so important to follow our gut and to trust our intuition along the way. So that each step we take is in alignment with our best interests. Kirsten shares with us her struggles and how she was lost, unsure about what to do and where to go. She also encourages us to worry less about the “what” and focus on simply making ourselves the best version of ourselves possible!

You need to hear this episode!

The episode ends with a 5 minute mini meditation to help you LET GO, release any stress, and take on your day refreshed with peace and positivity!

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“In my 20’s I had no guidance, no clear direction about what I wanted to do. I was living in scarcity and fear a lot. I really didn’t think I had any gifts, talents, purpose.”

“I didn’t beleive in myself enough, to back myself in whatever vision that I would ultimately have. I was not the container to hold any dreams when they made themselves apparent to me.”

“Last year my mission was to be the best version of myself in whatever form that may be. And that was my commitment to myself last year. “

“You can’t connect the dots looking forwards. You can only connect them looking backwards.”

“You just have no idea in the moment what experiences are actually shaping you for what you want.”

“All these obscure little passions of mine that I thought maybe that’s maybe my thing or maybe that’s my career or I like that but I don’t know how it connects to that. When I finally found the title or the umbrella that they all fell under, it all made perfect sense. They all fell under the one umbrella of what I actually do now.”

“The idea that the destination is going to create our happiness is just an illusion. There’s always going to be a new destination.”


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