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Podcast Ep 5 Let go of Mom Guilt!

Meditation for the Modern Day Superwoman Podcast

This is episode: # 5 “How meditation can help you let go of Mom Guilt”
and features: social worker and founder of Mindful Mamas Australia, Melissa Rowe

In this episode I talk with Melissa about all things related to motherhood! She helps us to let go of mom guilt. We talk about how we often feel guilty for not spending enough time with our kids or we feel like we aren’t living up to other moms. We get into this and Melissa shares how we can be aware of this mom-guilt and how we can begin to let it go, leaving us happier and more content as moms! She talks about ways we can infuse mindfulness into our busy lives as moms. She shares practical strategies to deal with the overwhelm that comes from being a mom. She shares some awesome ways we can be more present and engaged with our kids (without planning or changing really anything about our daily routines). She even talks to us about why it is so important to take that time for ourselves and how it can have a positive impact on our families.

You need to hear this episode! And let’s begin to let go of mom guilt!

The episode ends with a 5 minute mini meditation to help you LET GO, release any stress, and take on your day refreshed with peace and positivity!

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15 minutes is all you need to get started with mindfulness! You will learn how to infuse it into your already busy life. You will begin to let go of your worries and tension and feel more balanced, joyful and confident. 15 minutes. Less stress. More you.


“In motherhood, there’s a lot of emotion and guilt and heavy emotion that goes along with motherhood. So my passion is really supporting women through that and the transition into motherhood.”

“Mindfulness and meditation has an impact on my self care and my ability to be present with my children.”

“Mindful mamas is really a way for moms to connect with one another and really support each other through the emotional landscapes. It’s come as you, share as you are.”

“Our children need a steady pier at the ocean when they’re feeling a little wild. They need a steady pier to rest on. Mindfulness helps us to create that platform.”

“When we are being more present with others and ourselves, we can really notice what’s happening for us emotionally. We can let it go, challenge it or bring more compassion to ourselves.”


Our website: www.imeditatetheworld.com

Melissa’s Website: http://www.mindfulmamas.com.au

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