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Podcast Ep 4 How Meditation Can Help You Shed Those Limiting Beliefs

Meditation for the Modern Day Superwoman Podcast

This is episode: # 4 “How meditation can help you shed those limiting beliefs”
and features: meditation and yoga instructor Karen LaPorte

In this episode I talk with Karen about her journey from the corporate world to living the life of her dreams and running her own business. She talks about the ups and downs. She gets real with us about the limiting beliefs that stood in her way and how she used meditation and yoga to get more in touch with those doubts and begin to get rid of them. She shares with us tips and tools on how we can begin to get more in touch with our true selves and how we can begin to shed our limiting beliefs.

You need to hear this episode!

The episode ends with a 5 minute mini meditation to help you LET GO, release any stress, and take on your day refreshed with peace and positivity!

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“so I think there was always something inside me bubbling up that wanted to be able to take hold of the reigns and do work that I wanted to do.”

“I was studying fashion design. I was 22. And that is when I first realized that you have to live the life you want to live because is can be cut short.”

“We think there’s a wrong and right. There isn’t. We are more like water. We’re gonna flow through the course that is in front of us.”

“and then the voice inside of me, the soul,  kept coming up again, saying ‘hey do you wanna work for yourself again?’ “

“I was sick, I had all these digestive issues… I realized it was my body telling me something. My body was in flight or fight mode because I was living a life I didn’t want to live.”

“It really was a gradual process, a lot of flipping back and forth until I finally got to a point where I was like ‘hey, we have to decide’.”

“Breathwork has been one of the things that has allowed me to connect with myself the fastest. To give myself love. To give myself courage. To help me recognize those limiting beliefs faster and get rid of them.”


Karen’s teachers:
Restorative: Jillian Pransky
Breathwork: Erin Telford  and David Elliott

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