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Podcast Ep 3 How Meditation Can Help You Release Negative Emotions

Meditation for the Modern Day Superwoman Podcast

This is episode: #3 “How meditation can help you release negative emotions”
and features: psychotherapist and breathwork teacher Bianca Rodrigez

In this episode I talk with Bianca about the inner transformation that occurs when we begin to release negative emotions that we hold onto. She shares with us how our emotions get stored in our cells and what we can do to chip it all away, revealing the completeness that we already hold within. Bianca gets real with us about her journey as a recovering alcoholic and shares how she has transformed her own life. You need to hear this episode!

The episode ends with a 5 minute mini meditation to help you LET GO, release any stress, and take on your day refreshed with peace and positivity!

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“Ever since I was young, I’ve had this innate desire to become my best self.”

“All of us have experiences that program us with messages based on their own point of view which is often not in alignment with our truth.”

“We need to discern, what messages have we internalized that are us, and what isn’t us?”

“I believe that all suffering that occurs when we are not in alignment with our truth. I think we all go through a process of shedding the layers of things that were programmed into us.”

“I’m a recovering alcoholic. When we are disconnected from our truth it can bring on lack of self esteem. I used alcohol as a way to self soothe and self regulate.”

“The best outcomes for people with alcoholism come when people find their community and find a spiritual solution.”

“If you’re listening to this and you have this voice that says ‘yes that is me’ then listen to that. That is your soul, that is your all knowing self.”

“If it’s very hard for you to slow down and just sit with yourself then that is definitely indicative that you may be disconnected.”

“If you have that awareness, then you are ready to make that change.”


Bianca’s website: You Are Complete

To sum it up…

So, superwoman, what is one thing you are going to commit to doing mindfully this week? Remember, it helps to stay committed when we voice our intentions out loud! So let me know!

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