Why you need to practice Metta Meditation in your life!

Remember how I said that meditation will change the world? You may think I’m being dramatic or that the benefits of meditation aren’t that far reaching. So I challenge you to try a metta meditation everyday for a week! Reflect on how it makes you feel. And then get back to me on your thoughts of the benefits of meditation (especially metta meditation). I’m willing to bet that after a week of metta meditation you feel a shift in your energy. And I’m even more confident that after just a couple months, you will have a completely new outlook on the people around you! What do you have to lose?

Metta Meditation is a loving kindness meditation.

It’s a way of developing compassion for ourselves and others through softening our minds and hearts. We simply direct well-wishes first to ourselves. Then to those we care about. Then to people we feel neutral about. And then to people we normally wouldn’t normally connect with. It improves your positive thoughts and enhances the connection you feel to other people and the world. This makes it the perfect meditation to begin with. And because of it’s repetitious and rhythmic nature, it helps us to bring our focus to something other than our scattered thoughts.

These types of loving-kindness meditations make people feel more connected to others, and more positive about themselves and others! So, I challenge you… Try a metta meditation everyday for 7 days. Let me know how it makes you feel!

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