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Podcast Trailer: Calling All Superwomen!

Meditation for the Modern Day Superwoman Podcast

So what is this podcast about and why did I start it? Because it’s time for a change! The ridiculous amount of expectations placed on us as women can be overwhelming. I am tired of how we often judge one another. I am tired of the pursuit of perfection and the way we portray our lives on social media. I am tired of how we feel like we need to be everything to everyone. I want to help modern women cut through all of this! I have the tools. I am here to help. And with my help, you can begin to let go and release everything that isn’t serving you! Release all of the expectations, judgements, doubts, must-dos, stresses etc… and begin to start feeling more alive, vibrant and inspired!

The #1 word women use to describe themselves is TIRED. That is not cool. We have so much more to offer. We just need to strip away the bullsh** and begin to be ourselves again. We do this through meditation, mindfulness and self care and this podcast is here to equip you with all the tools you need! I bring on some amazing and inspiring guests to light a fire under your butt and help you deal with real problems in an authentic way.

Each episode ends with a guided 5 minute mini-meditation on the theme of letting go!

You can also download a free 20 minute meditation on the theme of letting go here! 


To sum it up…

So, superwoman, join us on this journey of modern day woman-hood as we begin to LET GO and step more into ourselves.

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