meditation and art are like birds of a feather

Meditation and Art – Birds of a Feather

Meditation and Art Connect Beautifully

Meditation and art together share similar benefits and together can enhance your body, mind and spirit! To receive the benefits of meditation you don’t  have to be sitting down, cross legged or in lotus position. You can meditate any way or anywhere you like!

Maybe today I’m not referring to meditation in the traditional sense. And maybe today, I am bending the “rules” a little bit.

But who cares?!

If you are achieving a level of peace or if you are enhancing your mind, body and spirit connection, I say, do as you wish! Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for those moments of meditation done in the ways that were passed down to us from the ancient wisdom traditions. (In fact, if you’re interested in that, have a read here on Lion’s Roar). However, I’m also all for those moments when you simply do what feels right to you. You know those times when something just resonates with you? When a moment just flows?

So, let me explain why meditation and art are like birds of a feather!

Meditation and Art Quiet Your Mind

meditation and art paint toolsWhen creating a piece of art, your mind isn’t going in a million different directions as it so often does. Art requires your focus. You are thinking about brushstrokes. And observing colors. You are focused on your composition! If you google “What is meditation?” the common theme is that meditation creates a peaceful mind, free from scattered thoughts. Art helps you to attain this tranquil and serene mind. (And who doesn’t want a more tranquil and serene mind?!)

Meditation and Art Relax Your Body

Take a moment to become aware of your body. Are your shoulders tense? Is your jaw clenched? Often, you hold your thoughts and stress in different places within you. This is not good for your bodies! When you are in the flow of creating art, your spirit and body feel light. You know those moments? When the colors are free-flowing and the brushstrokes are effortless? The peace in your mind creates restfulness in your body. Another benefit of meditation is the effect that this restfulness has on your bodies. It quite literally can change your physical bodies, improving its functioning. Art helps you to reach this relaxed and peaceful state in your body!

Meditation and Art Are Used to Reduce Stress

meditation and art flowers

We all love beautiful things. A quick search can prove to you how certain colors in ads achieve better results or how certain colored images on Instagram receive more likes. Our minds are simply attracted to visually appealing things! When you are the one creating these things of beauty, you feel good! When you are observing how the colors interact with one another it brings about a simple joy! And when you are sitting back, taking in the finished product, you feel joyful. Gone are your worries. There are no stressful thoughts looming around. Meditation reduces stress in a different way but it often leaves you with this same feeling of joy!


Meditation and Art Guide You to a Higher Awareness

I’ll admit, when you first begin creating art, you are often caught up in the process and it is hard to let go of what the final product will be. But the more you create art, the more you let go of the outcome. The more you allow the art to become what it needs to become! When you get to this stage, art takes you to a better understanding of yourself. When you allow the walls to come down, your art reflects what you really feel and who you really are. Because art opens you up, it is a stepping stone in becoming aware of and embracing yourself (and others) without judgement! Using meditation to achieve a higher awareness of ourselves is one of the greatest benefits! Art can accompany meditation to help us reach this level of awareness.

Meditation and Art Help You To Disconnect

With all of the technology around and the constant inflow of information, it can be hard to simply sit and begin to quiet your minds in a meditation, without thoughts of a text message you need to send or an email you are waiting to receive. When you are creating art, it is easy to disconnect. You become so immersed in creating, that you don’t have to actively work at pushing away distractions. They are effortlessly gone! Taking the time to disconnect like this make it so much easier when we want to disconnect at other times (like in a meditation for example!)

Use Art to Reflect on a Meditation

Have you ever had an unforgettable experience in a meditation? Maybe you were guided somewhere beautiful. Perhaps you had a vision. Maybe you felt meditation and art blissful womandeeply peaceful and loved. Whatever the experience, creating a piece of art to reflect on that meditation can remind you of that experience. It can keep that experience alive! We all have different experiences and lessons in life and it can be helpful to create a beautiful reminder that you see everyday!

Use Art to Act as a Daily Inspiration

There are always areas in ourselves that we need to improve or focus on. Whether its in your body, mind or spirit, meditation helps you to discover these areas through a heightened awareness. With this awareness, you can begin to work on these areas using affirmations or mantras. Creating a painting with words reflective of these affirmations or mantras is a powerful way to enhance your everyday growth.

Meditation and Art Working Alongside One Another

Now, I’m not suggesting you give up your meditation practice to pick up a paint brush! But I do believe that meditation and art can work alongside one another to enhance your life! I’m living proof of that! For me it all started with some words and a blank canvas. Fast forward to today and I’m an advocate for spiritual growth and meditation. The rest as they say, is history!

Give it a try!

meditation and art scetchingGo grab a blank canvas, pick up a brush and see where the colors lead you!

Or if you’re unsure where to start, here’s a guided meditation you can do. And here’s a painting tutorial to go with it!


So world, go meditate (and create) and spread your love along the way!

meditation and art peace can begin with a paintbrush

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