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Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Guest post: Karen LaPorte

In my healing work, I talk a lot about limiting beliefs. You know, those thoughts that run through our brains that stop us from doing something that will make us shine. The very things that will outwardly express our inward selves. I talk about these limiting beliefs so much because I’m sick of telling myself them. I talk about them a lot because they ruled my life for a long time. I talk about limiting beliefs because the more I heal and connect with my true spirit, the more they start to disappear. The more they disappear, the more joy I have in my life!

So what exactly are these limiting beliefs? How does one identify them?

Limiting beliefs are little tales we tell ourselves to help us navigate the world. They usually first appear when we are children or growing teens. They are deeper than doubts or worries, but more like little “truths” we repeated to ourselves. To identify them, start to think about a simple one. Maybe something from societal conditioning. When I worked in fashion retail, I used to hear ladies say over and over again “I could never pull that off.” Or  “No one at my age should wear that.” This is an immediate way to squash joy from your life over a simple thing like an article of clothing. Does Tina Turner think that way? I don’t think so. She shines! Let’s go a little deeper. Perhaps you needed to differentiate yourself from your siblings, so you start to label yourself. I used to (sometimes still do!)  think I wasn’t a writer because that label went to one of my sisters. At the time, that thought helped me standout in my large family. It helped me develop myself and other talents. If I continued to hold on to that thought now, I wouldn’t be sharing my stories or writing this article. I’d be holding myself back. Can we go deeper? Perhaps someone told you something, or scolded you, and you decided your words or thoughts weren’t important. You believed it to be true, and you deep down you still do. At the time, those thoughts may have protected you because you didn’t fully understand why you were in trouble. When they pop-up now, your brain or your ego, is still protecting you in the way it has for so long but it may be denying your heart, your soul.  Our brain is there to protect us and help us figure things out. Your heart may want to travel the world. Your brain can help you figure out how to save money for the adventure.

Start to tune into what your heart is saying and learn to discern the difference between what your heart and brain are telling you. Don’t believe everything you think. When a limiting belief shows itself to you, go back and try to discover when and where it originated. Do you still need it? If not, thank your brain for helping to protect you, let it go, and then let your self shine. If you still need it, work on the why? Start to heal, find tools to move that stagnant energy, and the why will start disappear. The tools that have worked for me are my yoga practice including meditation and breathwork healing.

What is limiting you? What conversations do you have with yourself that prevent you from really shining? They might not be obvious at first but try to notice them when they pop-up. Just observe and see where it goes. I’d love to hear in the comments below.


Better yet, what limiting beliefs have you overcome?

I wear what I want and like to wear. No matter my age.

I am a writer. In fact, my healing has brought to me book ideas!

I will no longer be silenced.

xx, Karen

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Karen LaPorte is a Gentle and Restorative Yoga teacher and Breathwork healer living in New York City. She works with clients on a 1:1 basis in person and via skype with a sole mission to help them find the light within and be a full time soul. Visit her site for more information.

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