how to be a light-worker

In A World Of Darkness, Be The Light

Learning How To Be A Light-worker

how to be a light-worker


It can be hard. To be filled with light and love. To witness the darkness of the world and wonder why and how. For when you are a light-worker, you feel the cruelties of the world — allowing them to penetrate your skin and absorb into every cell of your being — eventually weighing you down. The weight of this darkness feels so overwhelming that you can suddenly struggle to breathe. Your dance turns into a slow crawl until one day you can’t even move at all.

So — to the light-workers out there — I see you. I see you and I understand you. Together, we can do this. We can rise above. We can begin to dance again. By learning how to nourish our light, we can shed this weight of the world.

We must learn how to be light-workers. To shine so brightly we are able to radiate our light out to the world. To shine so brightly that our light simply cannot be smothered or extinguished. We must learn how to direct our light to overpower the darkness. For that is why we are here on this earth.

To heal. To love. To Inspire. To shine.

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 5 Ways to be a Light-worker in a World Full of Darkness

Nourish your light by basking in the silence.

Silence restores and silence heals.  The darkness is all around us. Whether it’s the story on the news about another natural disaster or whether it’s the person down the street who abuses his dog. It’s no question that we are surrounded by harsh realities that we can’t completely ignore. But what we can do is take the time to un-plug. To let go of the darkness before it builds up like a thick tar in our bodies. In silence we can retreat to our beautiful place of stillness. We can re-connect with our true selves, our true essence of light and love, allowing it to recharge and renew our spirits.

So, spend some time everyday in this stillness.  Using your breath to center you. Using your breath to release and let go of any bit of darkness that may have seeped into your being. Create a sacred daily ritual of this – maybe even lighting some candles or playing some soft music! Here’s a guided meditation that will help you to come into silence and let go of all those things that don’t serve you!

Focus on the beautiful.

We must direct our focus toward the positives. We must not allow ourselves to get dragged into the darkness, obsessing over the latest shocking news story or complaining about disturbing political choices. Sure, I’m all about doing our parts to create change in the world. So maybe that means you spend thirty minutes of your day phoning a political office and voicing your concerns. Or maybe that means you bear witness to a tragedy acknowledging that it happened, maybe sending a care package or writing a heartfelt card to a family.

But then you let it go. You focus on the wonderful, miraculous, euphoric parts of this world! Celebrate the small joys. You embrace all the sweetness this life has to offer. By focusing on the beautiful, your light will radiate stronger and stronger, helping to heal these pockets of darkness in the world. You can even try the life changing gratitude practice I previously wrote about.

Shield yourself from the darkness.

Sometimes it takes more than just directing your focus towards the beautiful. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to let go of the darkness, it finds you. In fact, the darkness is attracted to your light. So you must learn how to shield yourself. Maybe it’s as simple as visualizing your light cocooning you, deflecting any darkness that attempts to attach onto you. Or maybe you need to physically avoid certain situations, like entering a restaurant that you know shows the news over your lunch break. Or deciding you aren’t going to take a coffee break at the same time as a certain co-worker because you know their energy is one of negativity. Whatever it means for you, everyday, wear your shield!


Pour yourself into your passion.

We were all given different things that call to us. Things that make our soul sing. Things that you get so lost in, you forget the rest of the world. For me, it’s picking up a paint brush and creating something beautiful. I allow the colors to take on a life of their own, never really knowing what I’m creating until suddenly it all comes together. This getting lost in the moment is another way of letting go off the darkness.

Creating, writing, and dancing are all beautiful forms of self expression, allowing us to release any feelings we may be experiencing. If you think you don’t have time, stay up an extra 30 minutes at night or wake up earlier in the morning. Commit to taking this nourish time for yourself. I bet it will make you feel so alive that you wont even miss those extra 30 minutes of sleep! If you want to give painting a whirl, you can try one of my recent painting tutorials!

Connect with your tribe.

how to be a light-worker

Finding other light-workers is more valuable than anything else in your life! Find people who understand you. Who believe in the same things as you. People who inspire you to stay on your path. Who question you when you stray from who you really want to be. If you struggle with thoughts of not being able to meet other light-workers or not knowing where to start, simply set your intention. Decide that you want to find your tribe. And then take some small steps in that direction. Maybe it’s putting yourself out there by joining a local art class.

Or maybe it’s signing up to help at a local shelter. Whatever you do, know that as soon as you decide to find your tribe, they will come. Light-workers always find one another. People who are meant to meet always will connect. We aren’t meant to go at this alone!

Are you are ready to start embracing your light?

Is it time to let go of all those things that are weighing you down?

Book your free 30 minutes meditation coaching session with me! And let’s start getting you back to YOU.

I will leave you with a beautiful poem written by Terry Tree.

Be the Warrior Spirit and
Fight for the light
A soldier for creation
With all of your might
Projecting the love
Of all Saints
Day and night

Walk with great fire
With a passionate rattle
Ignite and inspire
An affectionate battle
Beam from the heart and
Jump into the saddle

A Lightworker
A Healer
A Mystical Weaver
Stand with Divine Mother
As a Cure-all Receiver

Spirit will guide you
Empowered by faith
Our weapon is love
Thrust forward with grace
As we kneel down to pray

Push light in the earth
Watch it roll through the cracks
Crawl up every fountain
Follow the tracks and
Inhabit the mountains
Spread out in the grass and
Reach up to the sun
Reflecting it back
With love
Only love

Be the Warrior Spirit
Fight for the light
A soldier for creation
With all of your might
Projecting the love
Of all Saints
Day and night
Projecting the love
Of all Saints
Day and night

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