heart meditation - how to use your heart to meditate

Heart Meditation – Use Your Heart To Meditate

What is a Heart Meditation?

Your heart never stops beating. So doesn’t that make it the perfect tool to have at your disposal to help you meditate?! Heart Meditation – To use your heartbeat to meditate is actually a simple, effective and unique way to calm your mind while nourishing your body.

There are a few different ways you can use your heartbeat to meditate:

Using your breath

heart meditation breath

Its quite simple! You begin to use controlled, focused breathing. Extend your inhales and exhales. You can focus on inhaling for 6 seconds and then exhaling for 6 seconds, creating a rhythm. By slowing down your breath rate, you slow down your heart rate. This harmony between your breath and heart  leaves you feeling calm and nurtured! Try it! Inhale and count to 6. As you breathe in, imagine you are purifying and healing your heart. As you exhale, count to 6 and imagine you are getting rid of feelings and emotions that no longer serve you. For a more detailed description of this, check out Spirit Voyage who goes into more details!

Listening and feeling your heartbeat

This is a beautiful way to connect with your heart. Again you use focused and controlled breathing but this time you hold the breath at the top of the inhale. Hold your breath for as long as you feel comfortable, at least 3 seconds, before releasing the breath with ease. By holding your breath this way you will be able to feel and hear your heartbeat. The longer you hold, the louder your heartbeat will be! Actually taking the time to sit and be with your heartbeat and really FEEL it can be such a restorative and healing practice!

Connect your pulse with a mantra

You can use your heartbeat to meditate by connecting it to your favorite mantra. It’s best if it’s a 2 worded or 2 syllabled mantra. I prefer to use SAT NAM or SO HUM. SAT NAM means “Truth is my name”, connecting divine truth while grounding you to the here and now. So hum means “I am that”, revealing the connection we have to all that is around us! So choose your mantra. Find your pulse. And on each beat of your pulse, silently repeat the mantra. Not only does it create a focus for your mind, it creates a beautiful connection between your beating heart, your “you-ness” with the mantra.

Repeating prayers and affirmations

By bringing your center of concentration to your heart, you can begin to cleanse negativities and leave the meditation feeling more loving and more calm. Try it by placing your hand on your chest. As you are breathing in, invite in purifying, healing energy. Imagine your heart radiating with a beautiful, pure energy with each beat it takes. Once you’ve connected to this feeling you can silently repeat a prayer to the Universe.  Something that you feel in your heart. For example: Purify my heart and transform any feelings of anger into feelings of patience. Or, if you have an affirmation you resonate with, repeat that! For example: I use my heart to guide my decisions in life.

Easy as pie!

Check out our guided heart meditation on YouTube here.

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