Finding Joy Through a Guided Visual Meditation

A guided visual meditation not only calm your mind but can have a profound impact on your body!

Despite what the name indicates, a visual mediation doesn’t just include your visual sense. In a guided imagery meditation, you will be guided through mental images that involve all of your senses. It will guide your imagination in a positive way. There are numerous benefits to guided visual imagery that you canguided visual meditation sunset read about here.

During the imagery, you will often have strong emotions or feelings, almost as if you are really in the situation! Did you know your body doesn’t differentiate between something you are simply thinking versus something that is actually happening? I’ll explain…

Brain and Body Connection in a Guided Visual Meditation

You know those moments when you get so wrapped up with thoughts in your head? Those times when you create a whole story or make up a scenario in your mind? For example, think of a time when your loved one was supposed to come home at a certain time. That certain time passed and you begin to think “Hmm, I wonder why they are late….” That progresses to “Maybe I should be worried, it’s not like them to be late!” And when they are still not home an hour later, your mind has moved on to “I am so worried, they must have gotten in an accident!”.

Two hours later when your loved one walks in the door, relief floods your body! (Likely followed by an outburst of anger! – unless of course you’ve been meditating) Reflecting back on that experience, you probably FELT a lot of emotions during that time. Those thoughts you had created a reality that caused real emotions in your body.

On the flip side, have you ever been caught up in a day dream? About something or someone that makes you feel fulfilled and happy? I am willing to bet that after that daydream, you had a smile on your face and your body felt relaxed and content.

Your thoughts literally change your physical body!

So then, in a guided visual meditation, the places you are led actually affect your body. You will especially be impacted if the visualization really resonates with you. Although, you can always change the imagery based on what you need at the time. I’ve done that a time or two. Maybe that’s not following the rules exactly. But as I always say, you need to do what feels right for you! For example, when I was being guided through a meadow, I instinctually changed that meadow to a beach. It just happened. Obviously at that time, my mind needed a serene and tranquil beach!

You can even create imagery on your own without an instructor. Although I recommend being guided as it allows your mind to simply turn off the analytical thoughts and just follow the words.  Plus, I  am a big advocate for group meditations! The beautiful energy that surrounds a group meditation is contagious and I believe you can feel the affects of that energy long after the meditation!

If a certain guided visual meditation doesn’t do much for you in terms of a positive emotion, take comfort in knowing that you’ve still reaped the benefits of a meditation! You’ve still taken that time to quiet your mind!

We have created a Guided Visual Meditation for you that you can give a try! There’s also a painting tutorial that pairs perfectly with it here!

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