how meditation will help you to forgive

Why the Holidays is the Perfect Time to Forgive that Asshole

So, it’s holiday time again. And no matter what your beliefs are, Christmas is a magical time of year. The lights. The snow. The warm cozy feeling of being wrapped up in a blanket drinking egg-nog. There’s just something about this time of year that makes a person more open and receptive. It’s like there’s extra love in the air or something! So why not use this extra love to let go of that anger you’ve been holding onto?

You may not realize it, but that anger you’ve been holding onto is harming you more than the other person. In fact, I may even agree with you that the other person doesn’t exactly deserve your forgiveness. But you do. You deserve to let go. You deserve to live a life of happiness. Rid of any of that darkness that comes with holding onto anger.

Now, the question is, how? How can we forgive?

Yep, you guessed it. Meditation is how!

Meditation will help you to forgive

So we all know that meditation can benefit us mentally as well as physically. We know that it calms our minds, creating more patience and peacefulness in our lives. We know that it reduces things like blood pressure and stress in our bodies. But did you ever stop to think about how meditation will help you to forgive someone?

I mean, I’m willing to bet that we all have at least one person we need to forgive in our lives. And I’m also willing to bet that you believe this person doesn’t really deserve your forgiveness. I mean, I get it, that person is probably a really big asshole! But guess what? So are you! We all are. We all have a bit of darkness inside of us. We all have done things we regret and we’ve all thought things that were out of character. So why is it that we separate our darkness from the darkness of others?

Enter meditation.


Meditation is beyond powerful. It is life changing. If you haven’t yet, head right on over to our Youtube channel and give it a shot.¬†Seriously, do that right now. And then come back and finish reading this blog post!

Now, back to the point… Meditation will help you to forgive and let go of even the most terrible of situations. It will help you to stop taking everything so damn personally!

The thing is, when you meditate, two very important things happen. First, you become more mindful of your thoughts and behaviors. Second, you expand spiritually, opening yourself up to the connection you have with everybody and everything!

What is Mindfulness?

Let’s start with the mindfulness piece. What does it mean exactly to be more mindful of your thoughts and behaviors? It means that you aren’t mindlessly allowing your thoughts to control you. When a thought comes into your head, you choose whether or not you will allow it to develop. You become more aware of whether it is a thought that serves you or if it is a thought that is out of character for you. The more you meditate, the more this awareness will become a part of who you are. Eventually this awareness helps you to also be mindful of not just your thoughts, but your behaviors as well.

You stop living reactively to the situations around you and you begin to pause, observe, and choose how you want to handle situations. You realize where your reactions are coming from and you are able to work through your emotions in a healthier way.

How Meditation Will Help You To Forgive

meditation will help you to forgive

So how does this help with forgiveness? Well, the more mindful you are of your own thoughts, the more mindful you become of other people’s thoughts as well. If someone speaks to you with hostility, rather than react back, you are able to recognize where those words may be coming from. You may recognize that they are not speaking from their true self, but rather they are speaking out of hurt, envy or self-doubt. And, because you are now mindful of your own reactions, you no longer lash out back to them. Instead, you rise above, responding to them with understanding.

Meditation and Spirituality

Secondly, let’s talk about spirituality. For me, one major shift that’s occurred in my life is the awareness that we are all connected. We all share dark qualities and we all share beautiful qualities. Sure, your dark qualities may manifest in different ways than that person that just doesn’t deserve your forgiveness. And maybe you would never do what that other person has done. But at the end of the day, the more you open yourself up to the connection you share with others, the more you stop creating this separation of being better (or worse).

The hard reality

When I think about the people I used to think I’d never forgive, I recognize that I share the same qualities. I possess greed, judgement, pride etc… Sure, maybe others allows these dark qualities to run free and wreak havoc on the world. But, what I’m saying is, this awareness of my connection to everything, helps me to understand people a bit better. Even people I may consider an “enemy”.¬† And it’s a whole lot easier to spread light in this world if we aren’t walking around with hatred in our hearts!

Think about it. Have you always, one hundred percent of the time, spoke only kind words about your friends? What about to your family? And have you always spoken only the absolute truth, never entering the grey area of omissions and half-truths? Have you always made decisions based on the greater good of others? Or have you let greed or selfishness win a time or two?

Be open to seeing this connection. Be open to seeing yourself in others. If you’re not there yet, keep meditating until you get there! Believe me, using meditation to help you forgive will truly SET YOU FREE!

And you, more than anyone else, deserves to be free. And who knows, this may just be the most peace filled Christmas you ever have!

Try our Guided Forgiveness Meditation below:

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