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Let go. And take a leap of faith!

Entering the New Year is a funny thing. For some reason, seeing the calendar flip from December to January brings about a whole whack of things: Reflections. Regrets. Resolutions. And while I don’t agree that this one small snippet in time should be the only time we are making changes, I do appreciate the message behind it. Look within. Decide who you are. Admit to your bad habits. Make some changes. Become more of who you want to be. Take a leap of faith.


If only it were that simple right?

I mean, how do we really get from where we are and where we truly want to be? In fact, how do we even really know who we want to be?

Often who we want to be is masked by the many faces we feel we must display. The expectations. The judgements. The limiting beliefs. All of these things distort who we really are meant to be. We live in fear rather than doing and being who we were really meant to be all along.

So in light of this new year, I urge you to take some time to look within. Let go of the cookie cutter resolutions. Sure we all need to lose a little weight. Or spend less money on junk. Or take up a new hobby.

But, look deeper.

Let go of the surface resolutions. And begin to work towards becoming that person you are meant to be.

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I feel like it’s a fitting time to share an article I had published on Urban Howl this year:

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. 

~ Paulo Coelho 

What does having it all mean to you?

Sure, that thing you’ve always wanted to do may seem silly. Far-fetched even. Your friends may snicker. Your family may doubt. Your partner may worry. I mean, it is scary, that thing you’ve always wanted to do. You may fail. You may fall. You may have to step far beyond your comfort zone. You may even lose it all. But let’s stop and realize, what does it all even matter? If it all doesn’t leave room for our life purposes? If it all doesn’t set our souls on fire?

We have no way of knowing how it will turn out. I mean, those things we’ve always wanted to do leaves no room for certainty. We can’t have a safety net, to do those things we’ve always wanted to do. We won’t have a back up plan. But if we do those things we’ve always wanted to do – another thing we won’t have is regret. Because we will be burning so brightly from our souls feeling so utterly alive.

That thing you’ve always wanted to do — that thing that excites your heart — was given to you and you alone. You have a unique purpose. You alone can do that thing. And who knows, that thing may change the world. That thing may save a life. That thing may make you a millionaire. There’s no way of knowing. But what I do know is that whether we do or don’t do those things we’ve always wanted to do, we will die.

The question is, will we die feeling alive — completely, thoroughly awake and alive? Or will we die feeling empty, dull, numb, knowing that we didn’t do those things we always wanted to do? When in fact, those feelings are a certain kind of death on their own. Will we go through our lives safely? Timidly? Faint-heartedly? Bowing to the conditions around us? Becoming who we are told to be? Or will we go through life loudly? Passionately? Purposefully? Rising to the calls that make our spirits sing? Becoming who we were meant to become all along?

How do you know what your thing is?

Oh you know — trust me — we all know. Deep down, it’s already a part of us. Strip away all of the shit, the conditions, the expectations, the worries, the

fears, and it’s there. Your thing. Our things. Let’s use one of my favorite quotes by Rumi to unravel this further: Respond to every call that excites your spirit. Let’s bask in the power of these words. The depth of these words. If we will just allow ourselves to feel. To connect with ourselves in a way that has long been forgotten. When we learn how to listen to our spirits, and I mean really  listen, we will know what it is we are meant to do. We will know what our thing is. And the only way to begin to listen is to come into stillness. Completely. So put down your pencil. Turn off that video. Get off social media. And listen. Close your eyes. And meditate. I will repeat that again because it is so important for us all. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.

What does meditating have to do with discovering that thing?

The answer is so straightforward, it’s amazing that the whole world doesn’t just sit down and meditate. Meditation makes us more mindful. We become more aware of our thoughts. Aware of our feelings. We are able to break free of old patterns. We are able to strip away all of the shit. We are able to really listen. To listen to what makes our hearts soar. For what is life if we haven’t chosen to feel every part of it?

But how do you do that thing you were always meant to do?

So, are you wondering where to start? For when we finally discover what our thing is, it can be difficult to know how to begin. It can seem overwhelming when really it is so simple. First, stop writing in that journal. Stop reading that book. Stop the hoping and wishing. Let’s close our eyes. Put our hands on our hearts. We will breathe in courage. And exhale Fear. Let’s breathe in strength. And exhale worry. Together, let us breathe in power. And exhale doubt. And then we open our eyes. And we decide. We decide to take one step today that is working towards those things we have always wanted to do. Maybe today it’s something small. But then tomorrow that one step must be a bit bigger. And then the next day it must be even bigger. And the day after that, it’s got to be the huge step. Because eventually it’s got to be the day we each leap. And if it doesn’t make us quiver and shake, then the leap isn’t big enough. Maybe it’s picking up the phone to sell that idea. Maybe it’s speaking in front of a group of people. Maybe it’s teaching that class that we never felt quite ready to teach. Whatever the leap is, know that until we each step off the edge, we won’t really be living. Because trust me, once we’ve felt that feeling of aliveness — where every cell in our bodies are awake and excited and full — we will realize that our lives before The Leap weren’t really  lives at all.

What happens when we take that leap?

Now I’ll be raw and honest and open with you. Because that is my job with writing these words. It’s not always going to be feelings of excitement. Feelings of aliveness. When we take that leap to do those thing we’ve always wanted to do, we will have to learn to take the highs with the lows. We must accept that it will be hard. Really hard. We will face adversities and rejections and we will have to problem solve. A lot. And it is almost a certainty that there will have moments of despair, when you feel bare and open and your safety net has now been burnt to the ground. You may have moments where you hit the floor wondering what have I done? Moments where you are overwhelmed by the crushing feelings of endless tasks to complete. Oh, and there will still be those bills to pay. You’ll have feelings of self-doubt when you contemplate the meaning and purpose behind the struggle. But, on those days when you quiver and shake, you will rise up, because you now know what it feels like to have that fire in your heart. And you will feel so profoundly proud. For doing those things we’ve always wanted to do takes guts. We will realize that we are  superheros. For breaking those boundaries. For doing those things. We will savor those feeling of fearlessness.

The grand finale

Do you know what else happens when you take that leap? The best part of it all is that when you take that leap, things will align for you in ways you never thought possible. There will be opportunities where there were once obstacles. There will be creativity where there once was lack. There will be inspiration  for you to follow every step of your way. Because when we make that choice, to do those thing we’ve always wanted to do, we are accepting what was meant for us all along. What the Universe wanted of us all along. So I beg of you, don’t live a life of death. Take this life by your two bare hands. And Live it.  We need you. We need each other. In the (slightly paraphrased) words of High Valley: Leave your mark. Love ’til it breaks your heart. And Live so goddamn loud that your forever echoes in the dark!

Take the leap

To the dreamers.

The mystics.

The ones with ideas of light and love.

We need you.

Stop the thinking. And the imagining.

Stop the doubting. And the reasoning.

And Leap.

We need you.

Break free.

Free from the conditions.

Free from the smallness.

We need you.

Trust. And then Soar.

Spreading your trail of stardust behind.

Leaving lightness. Curing darkness.

We need you.

Answer the call.

Allow it to consume you.

To awaken you.

We need you.

Take. The. Leap.

This article was previously published on The Urban Howl.

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