top 5 meditations of 2017

Top 5 Meditations of 2017

As we near the holiday season, it’s absolutely necessary that we all take the time for ourselves. To sit in stillness. To clear our minds. To rejuvenate our bodies. To just BE. So in honor of this beautiful time of year, I want to share with you 5 of the best meditations of 2017! Try them all out. See which one is best for you. And then use it everyday!

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Top 5 meditations of 2017:

5. Guided Heart Rhythm Meditation

How often do we pay attention to the beautiful gift of life? The sound of the birds. The air the breathe. The beating of our hearts? This meditation allows you to come into stillness and really connect with your heartbeat. It’s a beautiful way to shift your focus from thinking to simply being.

4. Lighthearted and Carefree Guided Meditation

The unique thing about this meditation is that is guides you in relaxing every single part of your body, allowing you to completely relax. This helps you to then ease into relaxing your mind! I love how this meditation helps me to let go of all worries and just be in the moment, peaceful and still.

3. Intention Setting and Focused Flame Meditation

This meditation is a different style than I am used to. That’s why I love it! Throughout the meditation you will set an intention for your life and then let it go, trusting that it will develop. It then guides you in focusing on a flame, helping you to really quiet your mind and “zone out”.

2. Guided Gratitude Meditation

This meditation is so close to my heart it almost made #1. Gratitude. The most important tool I use in my life. Gratitude has completely shifted the way I look at things. This meditation helps you to let go of the negatives and cherish the beautiful things in your life. For more on how gratitude changed my life, have a read here!

  1.  Mindful Mama Meditation

And coming in at #1… Our Mindful Mama Meditation! I LOVE this meditation. It empowers mothers while giving them the gift of stillness they so need everyday.


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