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Who I Meditate The World Is:

I Meditate The World amythe creative force, the dreamer, the light worker

Amy, the founder of I Meditate The World, uses her connection to the Universe to guide the decisions made by the company. Amy keeps busy writing content, creating meditations, attending workshops, making connections, all while being a new mom. She believes there’s a strong connection between art and meditation and loves to share this with others. In addition to this, Amy believes she will make a difference in the world through sharing meditation and one day she plans to open an animal shelter in an under-developed country.

I Meditate The World kylethe researcher, the trailblazer, the explorer

Kyle loves to explore the world and immerse himself in new cultures. He is business-minded and loves to learn, having powered through 100 books in the past year, from marketing to the law of attraction. He was searching for a way to gain financial freedom to photograph his way through the world. However, he wanted to do fulfilling work so he could live out his purpose along the way which is why he was drawn to this company.

I Meditate The World donthe tech guy, the adventurer, the “fine details” man

Having lived in 4 continents, Don not only appreciates different cultures but strongly values taking care of our planet. His experiences as a dive instructor opened his eyes to the effect a peaceful mind can have on a person and he believes this is when he first began to meditate. That experience combined with his desire to become an expert in anything he does made him the perfect addition to the team. He knows his stuff and he does it well! (Even though his experiences as an HR manager can make him a bit bossy at times)

The story behind I Mediate the World

It all began with a dream.

The creative force behind I Meditate the World, Amy, has always believed in her intuitive capabilities. She’s always been open to following signs and listening to the “whispers” of the Universe. She knows when she is on the right path in life. She knows to ask for guidance from above when she is uncertain. And that led her to a dream she had one night. She dreamt of a helping and inspiring people nationwide through meditation.I Meditate The World let your dreams be bigger

She wasn’t quite sure where this dream would lead her. All she knew was that it was the beginning of something big! But rather than worry about when, or how, she meditated. Everyday. And without much effort at all, she received more and more guidance from the Universe. Suddenly the beginnings of the company were in the works...

I Meditate the World was born!

Amy believes deeply in the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. She understands the burdens and expectations of todays society. She wants to see more people living a the positive, vibrant, inspired life they were meant to!

Anyone who knows Amy knows she has a heart for animals and she plans to open her own animal rescue in a developing country one day. She set her mind to this two years ago but wasn’t sure how to go about it. In the beginning she worried about the hows. She worried about the whens. She tried to “manifest” this by aggressively forcing her own timeline onto the Universe. But as she learnt, the Universe had a different journey for her to take. A different timeline. And through this acceptance and through meditation, she came to a place of patience. A place of listening to the signs that were sent to her. I Meditate the World is just one part in her journey. Her journey of spreading love and light around the globe. And beautifully, this part of her journey is one step closer to her dream.

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Giving Back

I Meditate The World giving back

We believe in our power to change the world which is why a portion of the proceeds of every sale will be donated to promoting peace all over the world.

Together with your help, we hope to donate $100,000 for the by the end of 2018.

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