Mindfully made products to inspire you along your journey: personalized meditations, beautiful inspirational paintings, one on one coaching, ethically made clothing and more!

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Here you can find blogs, guided meditations, painting tutorials and more! 

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Join us for meditation programs, painting classes as well as painting & meditation nights. We hope to see you soon!

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Our belief is that meditation can change the world and we want to inspire people from all corners of the globe to meditate! We hope  that this will create a more conscious world resulting in a more compassionate and connected human race. We are going to do this through:

Teachings about meditation (guided meditations, blog posts, courses)

Combining art and meditation (painting and meditation tutorials online)

Connecting meditators near and far! (Helping you feel the love and strength from across the globe!)

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We are a small company with a big vision! To connect meditators in every corner of the globe! To start, our goal is to sell a shirt to a meditator in every province & territory of Canada as well as all 50 states. Check back for updates as we track our way to this first milestone (Oh, and the rest of the world, we still want to hear from you too!)

Our Current Reach

4 provinces

0 territories

1 state

Share your light with the world!

And one shirt at a time, one person at a time, we can create a world of love and unity.

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